January 14, 2011

Stockholm vs 01

Hi All,

Some snowy pics while waiting for the bus

Can you see how cold it is?

View from the front door on our way out

Early afternoon view of Stockholm from the house

Best dog Nike and Bron

My time here so far has been very cake making and tea drinking focused. Tomorrow night is the big bash so will post pics of that on Sunday.  Monday we leave for Kiruna and spend the night in the ice hotel - so that is to say lots of nice pics to come back and see!



  1. Hey Lis!
    Glad to see you arrived safe and sound. It looks absolutely freezing there! The pics are lovely and I can't wait to see the ones that will follow. Enjoy!! Caio. Lisa.xx

  2. Hey Lisa, wow, does look cold! If you still around first weekend of Feb and free that weekend, I could maybe come and visit - but you probably ahve a million plans if you are still there - let me know though! Angx

  3. ah ang, that would have been great but am leaving on the 28/1. am planning on coming back soon for a longer stay so we could organize something for then? cant wait to chat to you! Lx

  4. Hey sweetie!
    Glad you're safely there.
    It looks absolutely freezing! But for us smow-starved Sowtheffricans it still is quite beautiful.

    I'm looking so forward to hearing about your Ice Hotel experience.

    Take good care of you

  5. Hello you....ooohhh I love the pics...the snow the dramatic skies the different architecture. I am so glad you are having a great time.
    OK so how did the bash go? And the Diamonds are forever cake? And the diamond earings? So what did you eventually decide on wearing?

    OK I'll stop asking questions & wait patiently for tonights blog post!
    Miss you Sweets...Hugs to Bron.
    KJ & the Watson men.

  6. So lovely to hear your news! Can't wait to see you and Bron in your party dresses and more pics. Enjoy the ice hotel. Looking forward to hearing all about it with even more pics. Love Ann and Ron

  7. Opening your blog each day is like picking up a favourite book and continuing the story that you are giving us a snippet at a time. Again, the pictures are wonderful : the northern lights must have been a great experience. Sounds as though you are having a grand holiday. May it continue. Love and big hugs. Ann and Ron


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