January 26, 2011

Look what a little bird brought me...

from Berlin!

Aprikosen Torte
Bron had a day meeting in Berlin and she brought back a big something for me!  The three of us nearly polished the thing off in about 10 mins.  So delicious!  Hopefully it wont be long until I am shopping for baked goods there myself.

It was a beautifully sunny day in Stockholm today.  I walked the Nike to work for Bron and then ambled around the city - nothing I like better than wandering around a foreign city and just seeing where you land up. You can stumble onto the most spectacular things this way.  I found a park on top of a hill that was completely empty of people and full of glittering snow and sunshine. I also had such a breathtaking view of the city skyline with all the snow covered rooftops. Tonight I am making supper for us and a few guests so I spent some time shopping for that this afternoon.  Its a bit of a guessing game really with all the labels in a foreign language.  I know a few words but not enough to know what everything is so its a bit of gamble.  I think I got all the right stuff though so kudos to me!   

Yesterday it was snowing when I woke up and it was really amazing to see.  I walked the Nike out in the falling snow and there is nothing quite like walking out in fresh snow with a cheeky dog who bites your bum if the walk gets to boring. It was only a little bit of snow compared to what they usually get here but it was enough for me.  It was quite warm too so it was easy to enjoy it.  We ran a bit and played a lot with sticks and frozen ice so that kept the bum biting to a minimum, thankfully.  

View towards the city from the hall window

Around the corner from Bron's place

Snow falling on trees
Tomorrow is my last day here and then I am back home on Saturday.  Hopefully see you all soon for a good catch up. I know a couple of you are of out of the country for a bit when I get back but I would love to see every one of you when I get back so - y'know, call me!



  1. All so beautiful Lis, cant wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  2. I guess the baked stuff over there makes you long to spend time really getting into doing more of the continental style of things?
    That apricot torte looks mouth watering!
    And of course, the snowy scenery in your pics is just wonderful.
    I hope you and Bron are completely recovered by now?
    If you don't post again before you leave - have a safe flight back
    And see you then XX

  3. Woweeee! Nice tart, so inspiring, makes me think of the sort of goodies we baked at the French Patisserie where I worked..Miss you heaps.. can't wait to be inspired and spend time with my friendy. You are great, ya know! See you when I am back from Nam!

  4. How did I miss this post on the day!? The food looks amazing - but that snow...BEAUTIFUL! I had to laugh at the picture of a dog biting your bum if the walk is too boring! What a character.
    Also love just walking around foreign places and shopping there - sometimes looking at food and wondering (a) what it is, (b) what to do with it. Such a lekker adventure.
    See you soon. travel safely. xxx


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