January 24, 2011

A Lazy Weekend

After all the excitement of last weeks adventures we needed a laid back weekend in the sunny and warm climate of Stockholm.  Last week also saw us shopping (i so lurve ikea, h&m and january sales!) and eating.  Really, what more is there in life?
This weekend we slept late, walked the Nike in the Queens garden and joined the weekend crowds in their shopping (yes, more - and I am not sorry!)  I was a little sick on Sunday so I slept all day and surfaced in time for supper.
I have had some demands from high up (my mom) for more pics, so here you go mom!  

A smug smile after eating the best almond pastry EVER! (and half brons pain au chocolat)

New scarf

Castle, Lisa and the Nike

Saturday supper

Words fail me.....

Cheese course - Manchego and Spanish blue

Exciting stuff yes?  
Hopefully see you all soon!



  1. Hello Thank You from high up. I walked through the grounds in summer. Hot but beautifull, the snow changes the whole scene. Lucky you to have NIKE to object. The supper table looks great but apart from CHEESE what else? Apart from what looks cutlery under Bron's nose. Pictures are great Lisa as well as captions. Job well done. I so enjoy your blogg. As you know I prefer voice contact but you are great. LOVE MOM & DAD.

  2. hey mom,
    what are you talking about?! there is chicken and veggies and potatoes in the middle of the table!
    cheese was the second course.
    p.s. it is cheese cutlery under brons nose.

  3. Hey Lis!

    Sounds like a lekker relaxed time... I think cheese, pastries and chocolate is a perfectly balanced diet!

    Glad you are feeling better had a good shopping experience. If I go on holiday its the one thing I just CAN't Do.



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