January 19, 2011

Party Frocks

Lots to report but very little energy to do it!  Last 2 days in the north of Sweden have been nothing short of fantastic and I have lots to share but.....I am more than a little tired.  So I will give you some more party pics (as promised) and leave you all in suspense for my news of the trip until tomorrow.
A big thank you to my "fans" and followers, especially for all the kind comments.  I have had some very positive feedback and know many of you await my next update with baited breath.  Its nice of you and I am feeling the love.  Thanks.

"Get the party started....."

Lisa and Hans

The Goils
The new Bond.

Dr Blofledt, new Bond Girl and another Bond


One of the wannabe Bond Girls

Bond Girls get custom pieces made

James Bond and Bond Girl

Can you tell the Opera serenade was moving?


  1. My breath is baited!! I just love living vicariously through you Lis!! I only wish the next leg of the journey would find you in the Northern Hemisphere. Miss you tons and tons. xoxo ~ em

  2. Wow... so elegant! Dunno when last I was able to dress up like that - looks like a truly red-carpet do!

    Looking forward to the next installment too...so glad you loved it!

    xx Caio. L.

  3. Lump-in-throat
    Blurry eyes. . .
    You are a phenom!

    But about the party - well, it looks more like an "event" - "party" is too ordinary a word for it.
    Gosh the days of really dressing up - I thought they'd gone for ever.
    You girls looked beautiful!

  4. WOW! WOW! and more WOW!
    I am very proud of my beautifull BOND daughters and NEW BOND Hans.I have read this new Blogg 6 times and almost feel as if I was there.It looks like an amazing evening and I think we have a new cast to Diamonds are Forever.Lisa you have a hidden flair with words,keep this blogg updated with MORE about your trip to Sweden with Bron.Love, hugs to all.

  5. Hey My Beautiful Bond Girl!
    Your silly friend has visited this site numerous time and has only just now figured out how to comment hahahaha. Please apologise to Bronwyn for my stalking her FB page at the time i didnt know how else to send my love and thoughts to you.

    It looks like you are having quite a remarkable and memorable time - Good for you!! I have loved coming to this site and reading up on your news, its just fantastic so keep it up!

    all my love,

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I truly looks like a night to remember! Your dresses, the atmosphere, the venue...WOW!
    The x3 W's xxx

  7. wow my friend! What an event, you looked smashing, breath-takingly beautiful! LOVING your blog!Keep us posted, you're a little natural! Enjoy every second!

  8. Gorgeous pics Lisa - you look absolutely stunning! Your holiday looks amazing and like you had a fantastic experience! love Angx


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