January 9, 2011

Don’t offended but…

Even if you have a blog and are following me, chances are I won’t follow you. Just for now. I hope you won’t take my lack of interest personally.  I know it’s not the done thing and I am not trying being rude, it’s just that this blogging thing is new and all about me for now. So, apology offered in advance, forgive me for what I am about to do and all that.
This blog is for me, by me, about me. I am being selfish you see; just for now.  Maybe soon I will follow you, but there’s a chance that I won’t want to know what you are up to.  But I do know that there are a few of you out there who will indulge me in this season and will even encourage me in my selfish phase.  This is for you.

Continuing the self-indulgent theme I went shopping today for my upcoming trip to Sweden.  Shopping for balaclava’s in the summer month of January is quite a thing.  There was only one style available and it had this unattractive gauzy covering for the mouth and some sort of elastic covering the face.  Thank you, but no.
I chose a lovely beanie and scarf instead.  I will wrap it around my head and face ”a la desert nomad” which I find  much more appealing.  And you can see my face, which will be a bonus for all the pictures I plan to take.

I am staying with some amazing friends in Simonstown for the weekend and I am getting spoilt rotten.  Lavish breakfasts and bed time treats.  I plan to return the favour guys J
So I will leave you with a pic of said beanie and the other items I have chosen for my trip to the (almost ) North Pole.  Apparently it will be “warm” when I arrive so I won’t have all the moisture in body freezing the instant I step off the plane.  How disappointing.



  1. I love the beanie and scarf idea anyway - far more pratical and you can use them here in winter too! I am sure if they don't suffice that you could easily get something more hardcore once you are there...

    Loving the blog and actually even thinking of starting one too...altho I dunno what the heck I would say!

    Will pop in for coffee before you leave!!

    Caio! x Lisa

  2. I get it (((hugs)))

    I love the way you write - its like a Lisa I haven't yet known jumps out of the "page" at me!
    I think you have a real flair for writing :-)

    Yup, am with Lis, i like the beanie/scarf idea much better - balaclava's are for bankrobbers anyway


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