January 31, 2011

On my last night in Stockholm my super duper big sister and fellow food lover had this idea - that every chef should eat in a Michelin star restaurant at least once in their lifetime.  And wouldn’t you know it but I happen to be a chef, so we had no choice really; it had been decided for us.

We went to Frantzén/Lindeberg.  A small restaurant that only seats 18 people and has had 2 Michelin stars awarded. Make sure you check out their website as I won’t be able to do it justice, it’s enough to make you cry it’s so moving.

They only do a set menu and we had the 12 course menu, it was fantastic!  I can’t say enough about it, really a once in a life time experience.  Their approach to food and the way it is eaten really is extra-ordinary and each mouthful so thoughtfully put together to give you maximum flavour and texture.  To give you an idea of what we ate I will tell you about some of the courses, but I won’t include each one as you might die of boredom or start chewing on your keyboard .  Either one is not good.

Carrot Macaroon with Creamy Liver Filling
Crispy Squash with garlic, parmesan cream and truffles
Minute smoked marrow bone served with a pot of onion puree and greens
Horse Tartar! (yes, really) with aioli and caviar – then to add insult to injury they grated dried foie gras over it.  That was a little out there, but it was tasty I have to say.
French pigeon with pistachios, glazed carrots and veg purees
French Toast with onion, truffles and served with truffle consommé

Potato Cake w Caviar and Duck Heart and Puree 

Monk fish with 31 ingredients

One of the desserts - mini swiss rolls with dipping sauces
One of the desserts was a little Citron pot.  It had vanilla buttermilk, meringue, lemon curd and lemon jelly all served  in a little pot much like a trifle.  Another dessert was “Chocolate Party” which consisted of salted caramel ice-cream, chocolate ganache (Equadorian chocolate), crispy chocolate pieces, brownie squares and roasted chocolate oil.  Oh my goodness!

All their produce is grown in their own gardens to ensure quality and they give you the name and number of the boat they catch the fish on.  Their menu is seasonal so that makes everything a little more special as you will never get to have the same menu twice.

And so, I am home now.  Working a bit and trying to get to the gym and trying to get all sorts of things up and running really.  My posts won’t be as exciting now that I am back to real life but I hope you will come back and check up on what I am up to from time to time.



  1. Welcome back Lis.

    The menu sounds really interesting - but at the risk of sounding like an idiot, I have no idea what some of that stuff even means - the pics are awesome, and as a chef you will really appreciate it! Looking fwd to seeing you soon.xx

  2. The most special part of the evening was the company! You are one in à million Lisa, a very special person and I am really blessed to be your sister! Looking foward to our next food outing. Xoxo bron

  3. aw, shucks. thanks anonymous! right back at you :)

  4. Welcome back, globe-trotting gal!
    Gosh this looks superb - how does one come down to bangers and mash after experiencing such wonders?!

    I have really enjoyed your blog - I hope you have loved doing it and will continue now you're back home.
    See ya soon kiddo!


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