January 16, 2011

Sisters are for keeps - and forever!

The big day of the 1971 James Bond "Diamonds are Forever" themed birthday party arrived - I got up early to decorate the cake for the party (a three tiered tower of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate with rose petal and edible diamond garnish).  Then Bron and I made our way into town for some shopping and hairstyling.  I don't have pics of us in our party frocks yet but those will be up here soon.  The ones I have posted here today are just the ones I took on my humble camera phone - the official ones will be much more impressive.  The party was held in a wine cellar that Hans is working on, it was a beautiful, interesting and intimate venue.  The menu consisted of canapes, champagne, towers of fresh seafood, an amazing cheese course with preserves and birthday cake. Then at 1:30 we were served a Swedish style potato bake for the ones tired and hungry from dancing (namely moi!).

Bron was very deservedly spoilt by Hans and all her special friends.  I was lucky enough to be sitting next to her when a friend of hers who is a professional opera singer sang her a beautifully moving song, so very special.  There were also some very funny speeches which I didn't understand and a gift of a parachute jump!  My big sister is one very amazing person and I am so very thankful that she is mine for keeps! All those loving  people in her life are testament to her generous, courageous and loyal spirit.  I am gushing a bit but I am so very proud of her so bear with me.

When we came out of the party it was snowing - so lovely to see a European city at that time of the morning with all the snow around.
We got home around 4am, ate more birthday cake while sitting on the kitchen floor and slept till noon.  Tomorrow morning we are off to the Ice Hotel so we will be getting ready for that this afternoon.  Its warm in Stockholm today, around 0C, so the ice is melting and its raining.  I have been promised that Kiruna will be colder and whiter - yay!  Bring on the snow.

Cooling the ganache in record time on the neighbours roof!

Table setting

Grodan Vin Bar

Birthday Cake!


4am in the City

Wish you were all here!


  1. Oh my goodness it looks amazing! So elegant & special...a perfect way to celebrate. I look forward to seeing the other pics. BTW the cake looks fantastic.... tell me those diamonds aren't real hehe! XX

  2. Sounds like a fanastic celebration! The venue and decor looked amazing...and as for the cake --YUM!!! Can you bring some back for me? ... I have a deep desire to eat cake on my kitchen floor too, but somehow it doesnt seem quite as ideal without the snow and cold! :o)

    So special that you could share this time with Bron... enjoy the ice hotel and keep warm. Take lots of pics.

    Take care ...xxx

  3. Lisa, we love the pictures : great to see you and Bron looking so beautiful in your Bond frocks! You definitely have a flair for interesting writing. We look forward to the next episode with anticipation. We send you and Bron lots of love and big, big hugs. Hi to Hans and Helena.
    Love Ann and Ron


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