January 6, 2011


So today saw me off to to choose colours for my new study and spare bedroom.  I am thinking of going a grey called "Mineral Haze", its so calming and versatile.  It can be dressed up with white and silver or muted and relaxing with some deep pinks.
I have the painter coming next week while I am away in Stockholm, so I get to come home to a freshly painted and spruced up house.  Lucky me!


  1. Lucky you indeed!! After seeing just how beautiful Lisa S's house is with all that grey makes me wanna repaint too. Can't wait to see the end result. X

  2. Go Lisa go...unleash all that creative energy. So good to see you up to something fun. Take care you. Will be following your blog! lol xx

  3. Sounds gorgeous!
    Sounds as though grey is making a spectacular comeback.
    I love the combinations you're considering.

    I'm proud of you, Lis - you're an inspiration.

  4. Lis, I think you may love this blog:
    Check it out and see what you think, ok?

  5. Love the colours!

    BUT...now....I have to whine at you and say UPDATE YOUR BLOG SISTA!


    oh...and how to change your comment setting so people can comment without google accounts. :

    1. Go to your dashboard
    2.Click on Settings
    3. Click on Comments
    4. On the Who CAn Comment section click Anyone.

    Its much easier for peeps without open id or google accounts etc to comment. I have been blogging for jonks and have never had a prob with anon comments - people just leave their names. :-)

  6. thanks for the help mel, its done!

  7. Hey Lisa, Lee sent me your blog details so I too will follow you :-) Hope to chat to you soon! Lots of love, Ang (Wells)xxx

  8. Love you lots & lots like jelly tots.Go girl go & have a super trip. See you soon. MOM

  9. Love your blog Lisa - will follow you to hear all about your trip. Enjoy every moment. This is YOUR special time - make the most of it! Love you. Ann and Ron


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